Flower Farm Collective is a collaboration between two farmlets – Four Acre Farm and Sugarloaf Lane, located in Dungog NSW. We grow, harvest and arrange seasonal blooms using organic practices. Our flowering period is September through May.

We employ sustainable practices which include composting of all green waste where possible and our gardens are completely chemical free. This means our flowers grow organically and thrive in the fresh air outdoors.

By growing a wide range of seasonal stems for our shares we aim to eliminate the need for imported cut flowers when designing for your wedding or event.

Four Acre Farm

Dominique and Tom left the city in 2013 for life in the country. Living in an old farm cottage near Dungog with a bub and two dogs, they raise chooks & ducks, tend bees, and grow fruit, vegies, and flowers on their four acre property. With a background in the floral industry, Dominique was keen to start growing her own cut flowers.
Four Acre Farm utilises the principles of permaculture and organic farming. Organic waste is composted back into the soil, grey water is recycled and use is made of abundant local resources such as horse and cow manure to build the soil, as well as generating fertility on the farm through the use of green manures.

Sugarloaf Lane

Vanessa and Josh relocated from Sydney to Dungog in December 2013, leaving the city for a quieter and more sustainable existence. Life at Sugarloaf Lane is a constant learning process with an ever expanding orchard, veggie and flower gardens. Produce is grown using organic practices without the use of chemicals and pesticides.
Along with their dog Peaches they also keep Dorper lambs using carefully planned paddock rotations to minimise disease and manage pasture.
As the farm continues to flourish the addition of bees and chickens will help to enhance productivity.

We all met in mid-2014 during the inaugural Dungog Festival. A friendship developed very quickly as we discovered a common interest that drew us out of the city to Dungog. Over the following 18 months we worked to increase the productivity of our farms and establish gardens, leading us to create Flower Farm Collective. By pooling resources and growing in different locations the risks of weather, pests and diseases are spread resulting in a reliable, high quality supply for the CSA shares and arrangements for weddings & events.